Our Technology

How can we protect ourselves daily with bulletproof materials that are comfortable and can go unnoticed under our clothing? Armour Wear set out to find a solution to this real life problem and, partnered with some of the leading scientists in the nation, discovered it in the field of Carbon Nano Technology.

You might think to yourself “That’s great, but what is it?” Carbon Nano Tubes or CNTs, as they are known in our industry, are the hardest known substance in the universe, even harder than diamonds. This material is one of the 21st century’s most innovative and revolutionary, and it is targeted directly to body armor. When CNT is used in conjunction with Kevlar or polyethylene, its performance is enhanced exponentially. Also, we are able to reduce the amount of Kevlar and other ballistic materials needed, which in turn makes our product lightweight and smaller. Armour Wear products display multi-fold performance over metals, carbon- and polymer composites that can be used in aerospace, defense, aviation, automotive, energy and consumer market applications.

A new level of technology

Over the last couple of years we have studied and tested various materials that would assist in making these new products light weight and innovative. We feel our products over achieve the norm, we are always pushing to do things better.

Armour wear has partnered with some of the leading companies and scientist in the fields of Carbon Nano Technology, Non Newtonian foam, engineering and design. In turn bringing our customers the most cutting edge products in the market.

Different sizes for different applications

Bullet proof panels are available now in different sizes for many different possible applications. We are a OEM manufacturer and can build or make custom panels for various applications.


The design difference offers a thin and flexible alternative to traditional armor, our customers can say goodbye to uncomfortable, bulky protection.

Security and Innovation

The result of this combination will be show to you soon in the most advance personal protection system ever seen.

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